Saryta's Custom-Made
Bridal Dresses & Gowns

At Miss Saryta, we believe that each custom made gown is a reflection of the Bride. A beautiful statement of elegance that is timeless and portrays nothing, but the beauty within her character. Our creations come with years of experience and each piece is made with precision to ensure that the Bride is nothing less than perfect on her special day. 


Our custom range includes dresses & gowns designs that are available for purchase. We offer toile fittings to ensure measurement are adjusted accordingly to suit your body. Our modifications include alterations to your necklines, laces, skirtings with additional options to add or remove some dress features. This will ensure that the dress you wear will be the perfect fit for your event.

Our bespoke gowns are created from an idea, a vision brought to life and created to be yours and yours alone. This is a truly unique experience and we take pride in our ability to offer this one of a kind experience. Our creations require approximaitely 8-10 months to develop from design to completion. Some gowns may require more time due to the complexities of the design and we will always work closely with the Bride to ensure everything is perfect. 

Our Bespoke Gown services include a thoroughly thought out process to include you in every step. If you would like to know more about our work and how we can help you bring your ideas to life, please contact us.

We customise gowns at an affordable price. Submit your enquiry below:-