1.1. Gowns must be paid in full before collecting/picking up your order.

1.2. 30 % Deposit minimum must be paid when the measurements and order is taken. For any gown over $4000 the deposit amount of 50% must be paid.

1.3. Payments are split into four instalments after the deposit amount has been deducted from the total cost and are to be paid off in equal priced intervals at each fitting. (If the bride is interstate/internationally-based then the amount will be divided equally based on the number of fittings) 

Refunds and Cancellations

2.1. Regardless of the time frame for cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

2.1. If the order is cancelled after the sample fitting, all monies paid up to that date must be forfeited.  

2.3. If the order is cancelled after the first fitting, all monies paid up to that date must be forfeited.

2.4. If the order is cancelled after the second fitting, all monies paid up to that date must be forfeited.

2.5. If the order is cancelled after the third fitting, all monies paid up to that date must be forfeited.

2.6. Any order that has been cancelled with an outstanding balance (see the above) the order will remain the property of Miss Saryta, unless all outstanding payments are settled.

2.7. If the order is cancelled and the gown is not collected from Miss Saryta within 12 months of the cancellation date, then the gown is officially the property of Miss Saryta. The client will no longer have any authority over the gown/property.  

2.9. Any veils jewellery, accessories (including belts, add on beading, detachable items etc.) are non-refundable.

Fittings and Alterations

3.1. Any design changes after the initial order date, depending on the change may incur a charge. 

3.2. Limited design changes can be made once the first sample fitting has been approved. Depending on the change, we will determine the additional costs. This will be assessed on a case by case basis. 

3.3. Any additional add-on requirements such as extra beading, lace etc. will incur extra charges.

3.4. It is highly recommended that the client brings their chosen bridal shoes on the first fitting. If the client changes shoes without informing Miss Saryta and the hem work has been completed, Miss Saryta holds no responsibility to the length of the gown. Any additional alterations will incur additional charges – to be determined on a case by case basis.

3.5. The shoe height chosen and worn at the sample fitting must be the final choice of the shoe as the above is applicable. The hem length cannot be extended if the shoe change is higher. 

3.6. As our customized gowns are made individually each time we make the order, there may be discrepancies in colour to the sample gown as they are not mass-produced, and different dye batches in fabrics may vary slightly in colour tone 

3.7. As our gowns are all handmade and made according to the client’s measurements/selection, photos of the sample gown may not be used in comparison to the dress ordered by the client.

3.8. As our sample gowns are worn by many potential brides/clients, over time their colour and quality may have deteriorated. The colour of sample gowns are not to be used in comparison to the fresh colour of the dress ordered by the client.

3.9. Advice given to brides/clients from Miss Saryta staff are subject to each individual bride and may not be applicable to every bride. The client/bride makes the decision on if she would like to take this advice. After the order date, Miss Saryta staff are not responsible for the client’s change of mind.

Intellectual property.

4.0. All designs/gowns created/designed with Miss Saryta are the intellectual property of Miss Saryta who hold all rights to this design.

4.1. The FULL cost of the chosen applique from the suppliers must be paid IN FULL on the appointment when the order and deposit is taken. If the order is cancelled the applique becomes property of  Miss Saryta and all monies paid must be forfeited. 


5.1 If the bride falls pregnant after purchasing her gown and the wedding is within the first three months of the pregnancy then the same gown can be tailored to fit – depending on how large the baby bump is.

5.2 If the bride is rescheduling the wedding due to pregnancy, the purchased gown will be placed on hold for a maximum of 18 months, if the wedding is not rescheduled to be within this 18 months then the gown will become the property of Miss Saryta and all monies paid up to this date must be forfeited.

5.3 If the bride wants to collect the dress regardless of when the wedding is rescheduled for or if it is cancelled indefinitely then all monies must be paid before collecting the gown, this must be within 18 months of the date Miss Saryta is advised of the pregnancy.

5.4  Miss Saryta holds no responsibility for tailoring a gown due to pregnancy as not all gowns can be fitted to a pregnant body.

5.5  Miss Saryta will work alongside the bride, redesigning their purchased gown to be one that is not fitted and have a fall from the empire line (under the bust). Depending on the re-design, we will determine if there are any additional charges.

5.6 If the mock-up gown has already been made/fitted and/if the gown is partially or fully constructed, there will be additional charges for a re-design and re-make as a new gown must be made with a new mock-up fitting as well.